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Commercial and industrial products

Culligan gives you a comprehensive choice of water treatment equipment, systems and supplies. Regardless of size or challenge, we can test, design and build to meet every need. From preventing corrosion with softened water to delivering pure water for sophisticated processes, we will design a treatment program that fits your needs.

In the end, treating your water means more efficiency for your farm or business. You'll reduce wear on equipment, cut cleaning costs and improve products. And with Culligan, you'll always have the service you need from the people who know water.

Culligan technology applications are used by thousands of businesses, manufacturers, and industries including:

Offices and schools

Medical and dental

Hospitals and clinics

Auto and truck washing


Food processing


High-tech manufacturing




Photo processing

Agribusiness and farming


Meat and food processing

Our equipment and system designs target specific water problems to produce water that meets established standards including:

ASTM electronic grade standards

SEMI pure water guidelines

USP purified water standards

CAP, ASTM, and NCCLS reagent-grade water standards

ABMA guidelines

EEI and EPRI recommendations

Surface water treatment rule

Primary and secondary drinking water standards

Certified Laboratory Analysis

Our EPA certified laboratory utilizes the latest equipment and test methods

Engineering Expertise

Knowing your water quality, usage, and specification, we can determine the best solution for your water treatment needs. Our application engineers create customized cost effective solutions. We utilize proprietary software to develop viable system designs and to evaluate options.

Our full range of water technologies available include:



Ion Exchange

Ultra filtration

UV Technology

Multi-Media Filtration

Carbon Absorption

Nitrate Reduction



Micro Filtration




Reverse Osmosis

We would like to meet with you and discuss your water challenges. Please contact us with your special needs.

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117 E. Main St. | Delphi, IN 46923  M-F: 8-5 Sat 8-12
Kokomo:    765-452-5553    1126 E. Monroe | Kokomo, IN 46901  M-F: 7:30-5:30 Sat 9-4
Logansport:    574-722-2830  4115 E. Market St | Logansport, IN 46947    M-F: 7:30-5, Sat: 8-12
Peru:    765-472-3059  236 S. Broadway | Peru, IN 47960  T-F: 9-5, Sat: 9-12
Tipton:    765-675-4604  115 N. Independence | Tipton, IN 46072  T-F: 12-5, Sat: 8-12
Wabash:    574-563-1151  6 Reed St. | Wabash, IN 46992  T-F: 9-5, Sat: 9-12

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